Scholarship Guidelines

Whatcom Weaver’s Guild Scholarship Guidelines

Who Can Apply?  Any WWG member in good standing.

What kind of class or event qualifies?   Anything fiber related.

Is selection based on financial need?   No.

Is there a limit on how many times a member can apply for scholarship?    No. However, if a member receives a scholarship he/she must wait 3 years before applying again.

What is the maximum dollar limit for a single scholarship?   $200 maximum.

Are there any requirements for the member who receives a scholarship?   A recipient must share his/her experience with the rest of the guild within a one year time period. The following methods are acceptable:

  • A newsletter article
  • A guild program
  • A presentation using slides, posters or storyboards
  • A mini workshop

What is the process for applying?   There will be a two-page form. Page one will consist of name, address, phone number and e-mail. Page two will be the proposal itself, including how the recipient plans to share his/her experience with the guild. The workshop chair will give each application a number and mark both pages with the same number. The chair will retain the cover page and forward the proposal page to the review committee. After a decision is reached the committee will notify the workshop chair and the chair will notify both the WWG board and the recipient.

How are the scholarships funded?   The guild will use basket drawings, donations, the stash sale and other funding methods to be determined.

How is the scholarship review committee chosen?   The Guild President will choose 5 non-board members anonymously. Their terms will be run for 2 years. Three members will be chosen from the group each time applications are reviewed. The workshop chair will be a liason between the board and the review committee.

Click here to download a copy of the application. 


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