NW Washington Fair

2016 Wool Show

The Northwest Washington Fair's Wool Show will be held August 15-20. The Wool Show is sponsored by the WWG and takes place in the Fairground's beautiful (and air conditioned!) Rotary Building.

The event displays all of the winners of the Wool Show competition; volunteers from our guild and the Spindrifters will be on hand throughout the show to assure the security of the exhibit. Our volunteers will help grow our memberships by offering a 4-hour demonstration each morning. They will be available to guide our visitors in trying out the wide variety of different looms and spinning wheels on hand.

t's a really fun experience for everyone, and we'd love for you to be involved. Volunteer shifts are form 10am--2pm, 2--6pm and 6--9pm. Of course, we welcome you to volunteer as often as you want. You will receive free admission to the fair, so after your shift, you'll be able to enjoy the rest of the event.

Please contact either Marilyn Olsen (Marilyn.Olsen44@gmail.com or Brigid Wilson (brigid@grubshed.net) and let us know when you're available. We look forward to seeing you at the Fair!

The 2015 Wool Show

The 2015 Wool Show was held on Aug 17-22 in the Rotary Building, just inside to the left of the main entrance at Lynden Fairgrounds. We had many visitors, and the dedicated volunteers made it all possible! The Guild won an award of excellence for their display (see below).

Our new location was a wonderful air-conditioned space, but a little out of the way if you headed to the mid-way.  From now on, when you enter the fairgrounds, instead of making the long hike across to the sheep and goat barn, make a sharp turn to the left.  We're near the small stage and the rabbits. 

With our larger indoor space we were able to include some new events for 2015: felting & dyeing along with spinning, weaving, and knitting. There were special demos and some hands-on possibilities for children and adults. 

Our spinning and weaving volunteers worked for the whole the six days from 10 AM – 9 PM to share their crafts. A floor loom was set up for weavers to use.

CLICK HERE to download a map of the fairgrounds.  The Rotary Building is the aqua bubble at the top right, and the main entrance is at the top middle of the map.  North is up

Award for Excellence, 2015

We are thrilled to have been awarded the prestigious Black and White Award for excellence at the by State Fairs Commissioner Debbie Adolphsen.  She praised the Wool Show's many demonstrations for the public and its activities for children.  We are deeply honored.  

IMG 20150819 132302587 HDR

From the left, State Fairs Commissioner Debbie Adolphsen, Wool Show committee members Jenni Jimmerson, Allen Berry, and Cathy Thompson.

Some more photos for your enjoyment!



IMG 20150815 182221043 HDR

The 2014 Wool Show

Fun photos from the 2014 Wool Show.  Enjoy!

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20140815 171811

IMG 0616
IMG 0617


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